November 14, 2011

Vintage Cloche Hat with Romantic French Flair

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This crochet hat screams vintage Paris. I love everything about it, even the description on the Mojospastyle website:
"Inspired by french romantic style, graphic flowers, and vintage cloche hats, I crocheted a cloche hat with a graphic flower just like in the vintage ones I have seen but with a modern twist. I wanted to create a hat that would keep you very warm and have a cute vintage look to it too," the Etsy seller writes.
"This hat is made with thick chunky acrylic yarn that holds in the warmth. I crocheted the hat and made the flower by cutting out petals and sewing them into a different color felt. Then I sewed each petal into the felt in a corresponding thread that would pop against the felt and create an outline around each petal. I create a fabric button that makes the color theme and sew in the middle of the flower. I cut the outline of the flower and secured it to crocheted hat so it forms to hat and your head when you wear it. Finally the ribbon through the hat brings it all together!"
Doesn't that description just make you want to jump online and buy this hat and everything else from Mojospastyle's shop?


  1. I do want it. How do you find such great stuff?

  2. Hi NGS, I don't know how I find these things...they just seem to creep up on me! ha ha

    Thanks for the continued support :)



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