December 6, 2012

Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper *Swoon*

I usually really hate wrapping presents but at Christmas time, I the sight of all the pretty wrapping paper prints, ribbons, bows and of course, handmade gift tags keep me motivated to takeover the wrapping process from my husband!

The problem is that I'm a hoarder. I buy and covet all of these pretty little wrapping pleasures, and then I'm too afraid to "waste" them by using them. It's a sickness I know.

Here are few Christmas gift tags and other pretty holiday paper items I found on I won't be indulging this year but perhaps some of you may find a pretty little handmade gift tag or two!

Downloadable Christmas Wrapping Paper in Shabby Chic White Snowflakes from MemoriesPictures

Assorted Holiday Gift Tags from LaceGrl130
Personalized Christmas Rubber Stamp For Cards, Tags or Gifts by AproposRoasters
Christmas Ribbon from PressGangSupplies

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